Why Use a Disney Vacation Planner?


“I hear that Disney vacation planners get the exact same price that I can get through the Disney website. So why would I not just book it myself?”

Turns out, that statement is entirely true! We, as vacation planners, get the same price that Disney will give you. So, why would you reach out to one of us, instead of just booking online? Here’s a few reasons, and a few of the services that I can offer you.

Why use an authorized Disney Vacation planner??

  • I am your personalized guide. If you book your vacation online and have questions, you will have to reach out to Disney directly. You will get a different person on the phone each time. When you book through me, I am aware of your needs, wants, budget, dietary needs, etc. I know you
  • Endless modifications. If you book through me, you can contact me for pretty much any change to your reservation. You do not have to call in to Disney. Just put your request in through me, and I’ll take care of the rest!
  • Endless advice, 23/7. I would say 24, but I have to walk my dog at some point ;). I have been to Disney over 30 times, while living out-of-state. I can help make the best recommendation for your family, by providing comparisons of various resort hotels and ticket options.
  • No waiting on hold. No long wait times on hold. I have an endless amount of knowledge. And if I don’t know something, I will reach out to Disney for you. I’ll wait on hold, so you don’t have to!
  • Special Offers. I check daily for special offers and promotions that could apply to your vacation, so you don’t have to. As a Disney vacation planner, I am among the first to know of these deals. As soon as I hear of one that applies to your trip, I can apply it and you get the refund! If you book through the Disney website, it does not automatically apply a discount, even if you qualify for it.
  • Payments. All payments will go through me, using my secure, credit-card form. You don’t have to call in to Disney or go online. You just let me know when you are ready to make a payment, and I apply it for you, and give you a receipt.  No payments will be made without direct authorization from you. **A $200 down payment is all that is required to reserve a Walt Disney World package (room-only reservations vary).
  • Travel Insurance. I can add travel insurance to your package, for a small fee.
  • Truly, never-ending advice. My services don’t end just because you are on your vacation! If you are at your hotel and have a question about where something is, or need a fast-pass adjustment, I’m here for you! My services never end. Even when you get home from your trip and still have questions, I’m here!
  • Dining and FastPass+ Reservations. If you allow me access to your My Disney Experience account (the online application that helps manage your Disney vacation), I can constantly be on the lookout for any hard to get dining and fast pass reservations you may want. I will wake up on the 180/60/30 day marks to get you exactly what you want! And if we can’t get it that day, I will look daily for you to see if one opens up!
  • Finally, my services are FREE. I get paid straight from Disney. Therefore, you don’t pay me anything! You pay for your vacation, and your vacation only. So, let me book your vacation! It costs you nothing additional, and you get all of the magic, with none of the stress!

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