Lauren – DisNerd

Greetings and salutations!

My name is Lauren. I’m 25 years old and an authorized Disney Travel Agent! Please see my Travel Agent page for more information and how to contact me.

I love am obsessed with Disney and the University of Tennessee Volunteers. I have a German Shepherd, named Quill. Named after the infamous, Starlord. I think they look pretty similar 😉


I spend my time writing, video gaming, binge watching Netflix, and relaxing on my porch with my boyfriend.


Traveling to Walt Disney World is also a top priority for me. I live over 10+ hours away and have still managed to go “home” over 30 times in my life. I spent my very first Christmas in existence there and have been hooked ever since.


When I’m not traveling to the parks, I am constantly reading about updates, expansions, and good ole Disney World myths and secrets.

I graduated from the University of Tennessee with a bachelor’s in Human Resources and a minor in Tourism management.


I now work a normal 8-5 job in order to fund all of my non-paying habits. Boring, I know. But hey, it pays the bills. And I’m off on nights and weekends.