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Why Use a Disney Vacation Planner?

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Hi again!

I see you have found my travel agent page! That must mean you’re either wanting to go to Disney…or you’re my friend and I asked you to share the page. Either way, I’m glad you’re here!

Few important things to note.

  1. My Services are free. I’m serious. It costs you absolutely nothing extra to work with a Disney Vacation Planner.
  2. So why work through an agent? You get to work with an expert on all things Disney throughout the entire process. If you work straight through Disney, you will get a different cast member on the line each and every time. When you work directly with your agent, they are familiar with you and your needs, and will try and make your trip the best possible. Click below to read more about it!

Click here — Why Use a Disney Vacation Planner?

Why work through meI am 26 years old, live over 10 hours away, and have still managed to get to Disney 31+ times. I have been multiple times of the year, have experienced most of the celebrations, and have traveled with children, my family, and just adults. I have been through dead times and times when the parks have reached maximum capacity. I have stayed in a variety of hotels on and off property. Basically, I have experience and well-rounded knowledge of the parks. I also worked there. I was a photopass photographer in the Magic Kingdom.

If you have even the slightest desire to travel to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, take a Disney Cruise, or go on an Adventure by Disney, please contact me. I’m here to help in anyway. And remember…it’s free! So, why not?

Edited on May 23, 2017: I am now authorized to sell Universal packages as well. Please email me for a quote!

You can contact me or you can click here to fill out a questionnaire!
Phone/Text: 865.978.4271
Facebook: Lauren – GVT


Here are some pictures from my travels 🙂


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